II 2016

Carl Ferdinand von Wolfsburg and Hans Gottlieb von Bressler – Baroque Hausmalers from Wrocław
Both Karl Ferdinand von Wolfsburg and Hans Gottlieb von Bressler were porcelain decorators who worked in Wroclaw in the first half of the 18th century. Both were Ignaz Bottengruber’s students, and both were hausmaler-amateurs. Karl Ferdinand von Wolfsburg (1696–1764) was a nobleman, lawyer, who held various positions in city magistrate. Apart from his public activities, his greatest passion was decorating porcelain. His works are now kept in museums in New York, Seattle, Toronto, Vienna, Dresden, and in private collections. He was a very talented artist, but his style seems to be strongly influenced by Bottengruber works. Hans Gottlieb von Bressler (1705–1777) also belonged to the well-known in Wrocław noble family, strongly associated with the public and political city life. In spite of his big talent he abandoned his passion for the family life and work in the local government – for more than a decade he was the Supreme Burgomaster of Wroclaw. His works can be admired in museums in New York, Jacksonville, Toronto, Hamburg, Leipzig, London, Stuttgart and in private collections.
Monika Żernik M.Sc.

Non-clinker binder obtained by alkali-activation of vitrified copper slag
The article presents the results of research on a new type of non-clinker binder obtained as a result of alkaline activation of a granular copper slag. An important element of the study was determination of the maturation conditions effect (standard or accelerated) on the mechanical properties of the composites.
Justyna Kuterasińska M.Sc. Eng., prof PO Anna Król Ph.D. Eng.

Influence of barium oxide on tellurite glass properties
The aim of this work was the research on the effect of barium oxide content on tellurite glass properties of the TeO2–BaO–Na2O (TBN) and TeO2–BaO–WO3 (TBW) system. The TBW glasses are characterized by the higher density compared to the glasses of the TBN system. The optical measurements such as refractive index, transmission, and absorption coefficient have been done. On the basis of ellipsometric studies it was stated that TBW glasses are characterized by the higher value of the refractive index in comparison to TBN glasses. The transmission and absorption coefficient of glasses obtained are very high. All optical properties obtained are interesting due to their application in optoelectronic field.
Iwona Grelowska M.Sc. Eng.,

The effect of LiF and SiO2 addition on properties of zirconia ceramics – preliminary study

The main objective of the research described below was to examine whether sintering aids, such as LiF and SiO2, affect the translucency of zirconia Y-TZP materials. In the study test samples were prepared in the form of zirconium material doped with lithium fl uoride and silica, which were sintered at three different temperatures. Assessment of quality of the materials was based on the study of apparent density, fl exural strength and translucency. Analysis of the relationship between properties and microstructure of the materials was based on observations of microstructure using scanning electron microscope.

Preliminary studies have shown negative effects of lithium fl uoride and silica additives on translucency of zirconia materials. In the major part of samples, the dopants used decreased translucency and apparent density of the material compared to the undoped zirconia. In order to complete the explanation of the phenomenon observed during preliminary tests, it is necessary to verify the method of preparation of samples and carry out a detailed study of physical and microstructural properties of doped zirconia Y-TZP materials.

Zbigniew Jaegermann Ph.D. Eng.