III 2013

The Ceramics of the Peruvian Moche Culture
In the article the author briefly describes the ceramics of the ancient Moche culture which developed on the northern Peruvian coast in the period of approximately A.D. 100-850. The Moche artisans created one of the most original and outstanding pieces of ceramic art in ancient South America. The author describes the process of ceramic production from claypreparation, through slip painting, to firing. The scenes depicted on the pottery are also discussed.
Marek Łasisz M.Sc.

Transparent ceramics, new materials for optic and optoelectronics
In the paper the conditions for obtaining transparent ceramics and the method of doping oxide based ceramics are described. The optical classifi cation dividing transparence ceramics in to optically active and passive is presented. Prospects for transparent ceramic applications in the laser nuclear fusion, are suggested. The technology of the manufacturing transparent ceramics, developed in the Nanoceramics Department, is disclosure in details.
prof. ICiMB, Adam Witek M.Sc.

Karol Tichy as the creator of the Ceramics Workshop at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
Article presents the history and development of the ceramics studio, which was led by Karol Tichy from 1924 until the outbreak of war in 1939. The artist was associated with the Academy since its inception, promoted the teaching of Decorative Art, and therefore the creation of pottery workshop was a turning point in his teaching career and his own work. The workshop was primarily educational in nature and science in a relationship, and then experimented with the form, types of glazes and decorations. Karol Tichy’s extraordinary enthusiasm and putting more and more tasks made achievement to a very high level of work possible and done. Undoubtedly, Academy of Fine Arts Ceramics Workshop led by Tichy has developed the most outstanding Polish postwar potters, among them were such artists as: Julia Kotarbińska, Rudolf Krzywiec, Stanislaw Ptaszyński, Wanda Golakowska.
Karolina Wolska M.Sc.

Clays from selected lignite deposits in Poland as a potential Raw material for ceramic industry

The requirements for new and less expensive raw materials and components is connected with the continuous development in building technologies. The perlite is one of the most promising raw material which have potential to be widely applicable in obtaining the new products for building industry. Additionally, as a secondary product of the perlite expansion process the fraction of expanded perlite with very small grain size < 0,1mm, is produced as a waste material. The Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials – Division of Glass Building Materials has undertaken research work on technology of the new products, especially light weight glass-ceramic aggregates for building industry use, prepared on a base of raw perlite and waste fraction of the expanded perlite.

Elżbieta Żelazowska Ph.D Eng., Paweł Pichniarczyk Ph.D. Eng., Sebastian Sacha M.Sc., Józef Zawiła M.Sc. Eng.,
Joanna Rybicka-Łada M.Sc. Eng.