II 2015

Ornamentation selected stove tiles from Krakow as a contribution to the study of culture and society of the fifteenth and sixteenth-century city.     
This article demonstrates selected decorative motifs found on early modern stove tiles from the area of Krakow. In the present paper the different presentation were described and summarized with similar decorations on the tiles with other posts from Krakow, the Polish Kingdom, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Kingdom of Bohemia and Hungary. Iconographic analysis of the relief decoration of tiles indicated the prevalence and popularity of these motifs in certain areas, as well as helped to establish certain trends in the decoration furnaces at that time in Central and Eastern Europe. The results shows that Krakow and especially the royal court was a center drawing on the southern and western decorative patterns and shaped them into areas of the Polish Kingdom and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. Renaissance costumes elements allowed increased knowledge about fashion and way of dressing in the same period.
Dominika Mazur M.Sc. Eng.

The impact of environmental factors on the mechanical properties of structural sealant
This article discusses the methodology of research the structural sealants to determine their strength properties. Presented the requirements which the masses sealing have to meet to be used in structural glazing. Also contains the results of two types of sealant and assesses the effect of the aging factor of the fundamental properties of sealants.
Anna Balon-Wróbel M.Sc Eng.

Introduction to the analysis of the ceramists lumbar spine overload, based on a literature review.
When describing the hazards associated with the work with ceramics, resarchers were focused only on the poisoning by the toxic fumes, or danger caused by being in dusty areas. Based on the literature and analyzing the way in which ceramists are working, we came to the conclusion that the another work hazard in that kind of the activity is overloading of the lower back. Pain in the lumbar spine is a result of the overloading spine stabilizers, and the intervertebral disc damage, which are caused by a big compression and shear force. These factors appear because of the poor posture during work /especially when lifting heavy objects/ as well as the persistence of a static position.
Bartosz Wysoczański M.Sc.

Identification of the phenomenon of discoloration on Low-E coating of glass pane used in insulated glass units and its elimination
Akaganeite is one of allotropic form of iron oxyhydroxide. Due to its tunnel crystalline structure, it is considered a promising material for sorption applications e.g. for heavy metal removal from water. In this work we present a relatively simple and effective processing route to form ß-FeO(OH) nanoparticles onto surface of carbon nanotubes. Such carbon tubes can be used as a modifier of filter materials for water treatment. Introduction of an active component on the surface of either polymeric or ceramic membrane enables simultaneous retention of solid particles, adsorption of heavy metal ions and provides protection against biofouling.
Justyna Tomaszewska M.Sc Eng.